A transformed Brent Cross Shopping Centre
has always been a part of the Brent Cross
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Indicative masterplan of Brent
Cross and surrounding area as
consented in 2010 (left) and as
proposed now (rght)

View the 2010 masterplan

A new Brent Cross
Main Square

This will be a dramatic and exciting
place to be, surrounded by shops
and restaurants.

The square steps upwards expanding through its
levels and forming the principle entrance from the
new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the North
Circular Road.

brent cross

Image shown

Illustrative view looking across Brent Cross Main Square towards the new cinema

A full range of new restaurants

We will create a new dining area
to complement the existing offer
at Brent Cross.

Looking out over Brent Cross Main Square this will
include a food terrace offering a great choice for
shoppers, visitors and residents.

New restaurants will be located throughout the
area, from family dining through to Michelin starred
kitchens, open in the evening as well
as during the day.

consented 2010

A much larger Brent Cross
Bus Station

Next to the new cinema and the shops we will create a new,
much larger bus station to serve more routes and more
frequent services.

This will be designed to create a far nicer place to be waiting for a bus,
sheltered from the elements, and a much better arrival point for
the new town centre.

consented 2010

Brent Riverside Park

We already have planning permission to change the
route of theRiver Brent and create a waterside
parkland environment alongside the River and we
are proposing to amend these plans.

The new 'Brent Riverside Park' will be lined with
trees, new planting and spaces to sit and
congregate in, with areas of differing character
from East to West and a footway and cycleway on
the North bank.

The plans will improve the setting of the River and
improve water quality and bio-diversity too, with
wetland areas, bird habitats and areas of reedbed

Brent Riverside Park

Image shown

Sketch of the new Brent Riverside Park

A multi screen Cinema

Successful town centres include places
for night-time entertainment and this
area will be no different, with a major
new cinema, open into the evening.

Located next to the new streets, open spaces and
catering offer, this will be a place for the night time
as well as when the shops are open.

consented 2010
multi screen Cinema

Illustrative plan of the transformed
Brent Cross Shopping Centre

View the illustrative plan

Better Connections

A number of new streets at Brent Cross
will be open 24/7 for people to pass
through, just like they are in any town
centre, with only some areas closed in
the evening.

New and improved pedestrian and cycle routes into
the surrounding communities will be provided in all

clitterhouse map

Image shown

Arrows showing road, pedestrian and cycle routes that will be accessible for 24 hours

A Network of covered

The new layout in and around Brent Cross Shopping
Centre will see a network of new streets, lined with
shops, connecting together three key anchor
department stores.

The existing centre will be fully refurbished to world
class standards together with new stores, hotels,
restaurants and leisure facilities on the site of the
current surface car parking, with all parking in
multi-storey car parks around the development.

A dramatic new transparent canopy will cover new
streets and spaces providing weather protection so
that they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

clitterhouse map

Image shown

Illustrative view of the entrance to Brent Cross from the west between a new hotel and department store

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